Where Do You Plug In

Dated: 09/12/2017

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No, I'm not talking about that half-dead phone in your pocket or your hand.   We plug those in (on average) 2-4 times a day, in a variety of places.  That's a whole different subject.  And I'm certain you can hear all about it in the news today, with Apple's big launch.

What I'm talking about is where do you plug your LIFE into?   Schools, work, church, clubs, activities, sports, nature, cycling.   What rejuvieates you?  How do you plug in and charge your day?

Don't worry.   You don't need to answer that in the comment field.

But you SHOULD be prepared to know that answer when you are ready to buy or sell your house.

I spoke with a gentleman this past weekend (if you're reading this, don't worry, you're anonymous) who had decided to sell their house and build their dream home in another city.   This city was rapidly developing, low taxes and the type of area they were looking for.  This was a couple years ago.

Now: dream house, excellent crime rates, low taxes = the American Dream, right?  Every box checked.

But what they didn't anticipate is the lack of places to walk with nature.   Local bike trails.   How far does it take to get to a State Park?  What routines did they have?

A good agent should pry into this part of your life.   Not because they're nosy busy bodies, but because they should know you and the things you're passionate about.

When he and his wife closed on the house and finally moved in, they were super exited.

Their second day in the house they woke up to stretch and take their normal morning jog through the woods and bike paths that were near their property.   However they spent that day jogging through streets and development construction.    

For years they had started their morning with one of the many Metro Area nature trails.  That's how they charged up.  That's how they plugged in.

Now they start their morning with 25 minutes less of sleep and a 25 minute drive.   Then a walk.

Sometimes little things are big things.

Know where you plug in.

My job is to help people make their dreams come true, and learn as much as I can to make the buying and selling process more streamlined for my clients.

Your job is to go to Google and search for "Des Moines area trail maps" and see what the Metro has to offer, then let me know if you're interested in buying or selling a house near one.

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